Bathroom Shutters for Property in Croydon

A client required shutters for the bathroom in their property which needed to cover two windows on either side of the room. The shutters were supply and fit are the perfect option for bathrooms helping with privacy and light adjustment throughout the whole room.


Using PVC shutters from our Java Range we were able to provide a water resistant solution which is perfect for bathrooms and wet rooms. The PVC coating stops water from warping the shutters and causing damage.


The shutters in this bathroom are both full height with a silent tilt rod system for adjusting the 76mm louvres. This allows you to adjust all the louvres in unison by touching just one louvre. Because of the water resistant coating these shutters can be handled by wet hands without the need to worry.

The shutters were finished in Pure white with Stainless steel hinges throughout which is a standard feature with our PVC shutters. The colour matches the existing d├ęcor of the bathroom perfectly and really helps to finish this room!