Bungalow Bay Window Shutters in South Croydon

Shaun was recently in South Croydon to fit some shutters for a client living in a bungalow. The homeowner was looking for some of our shutters designed and installed to a bay window in the living room. The client was looking for extra privacy from the street the bungalow faces and also a modern replacement for the net curtains that were once dressing the window.


We created full height shutters for the bay window which were created using MDF. The shutters have a mid rail which separates the louvres at the top and bottom so that they can be adjusted separately. It also fully matches the lines of the window behind and makes it easier to regulate airflow.

The shutters have 76mm louvres with a central tilt rod on each panel making it easy for the homeowner to adjust the shutters. We completed the shutters using white paint and matching hinges which works fantastically with the windows and ledge.