Café Style Window Shutters for House in West Croydon

We were in West Croydon to help a homeowner with their Window Dressing. Although they already had curtains in place, they wanted a solution which would allow them to gain lower level privacy from the street outside. With the current curtains it allows for an all or nothing solution, but with our shutters they can be adjusted, opened and closed throughout the whole day.


With our Café Shutters the homeowner can block privacy on just the bottom half of the window while allowing maximum light in through the top. They can also open and close each panel as well as adjust the 76mm louvres to suit. They also work perfectly with the existing curtains which can be pulled over at night.

These window shutters look great on these 3 windows and offer the customer the privacy they were looking for while also looking fantastic against the existing décor of the room. The shutters were finished in a pure white paint with matching hinges and the wood was taken from our Fiji Range!