Tier on Tier Bay Window Shutters for Property in Purely, Croydon

We were recently in Purely, Croydon to help a client with a window dressing for their 3 section bay window. Our bespoke shutters are perfect for this kind of window with many of our customers asking for either tier on tier or café style. For this build we were asked to fit tier on tier shutters which are one of our most flexible solutions for both adjustment and privacy.


By taking exacting measurements and talking to the client we were able to design and then create these fantastic shutters for this bay window. With all our shutters made to measure we can guarantee the perfect fit every single time no matter what type of window or opening you may have. Two of our fitters were on hand to install these shutters for the customer.

The shutters were created from our Fiji Range and combine 89mm louvres with a hidden tilt rod system, creating a minimalistic modern feel. Our hidden tilt rod system allows the homeowner to adjust the shutters by touch without the need of a slightly rod. They were finished in a pure white paint with matching hinges.