Tier on Tier Shutters installed in Shirley, Croydon

We recently found ourselves in Shirley Croydon where we fitted some of our bespoke shutters to three windows in a home. Our shutters are the best option when it comes to window coverings and not only look amazing, but offer a far better fit than more traditional dressings such as curtains.

All our shutters are created bespoke to the clients home and windows which make for the perfect fit every time!


The customer chose to have Tier on Tier shutters fitted which allow for the shutters to be adjusted and opened from either the top or bottom independently of each other. This style of shutters was fitted throughout all three windows. This style allows for privacy on the bottom while still allowing for light to come in through the top.


We created the shutters from our Bali Range and fitted 89mm louvres with a central tilt rod system. They were then painted in Pure white with matching hinges which really look great in this clients rooms!