Window Shutters for Modern Property in Croydon


We were recently asked to fit some of our shutters to this modern property in Croydon. This home needed shutters designed and installed to a living room and kitchen area and we were asked to carry out the job! The area where the shutters needed to be fitted consisted of a sofa and TV area so privacy and blackout was required at times as well as adjustment of natural light throughout the day.

We created the shutters using 76mm louvres and a silent tilt rod system that allows the customer to operate the shutters without the need of a visible rod. Touching just one louvre adjusts all the other slats on the panel at the same rate using the clever built in system which is hidden from view. This helps to create a far more modern and minimalistic look which the client required.

The shutters are both full height and completely match in style and finish. We did not fit a mid-rail which again helped to really achieve a great minimalistic look to the panels. They were painted using pure white paint and matching white hinges which looks really great with the room. Using natural light really helps to brighten up this side of the room and creates a great look against the marble floor!