Shutter Finishes

All our shutters are bespoke made and completely unique to you. We offer a wide range of finishes and extras which can really help make your shutters not only stand out, but offer greater usability and styling. From colour matching, silent tilt rods and remote controls, there are many different options to suit all tastes.


  • Antigua Range = A
  • Bali Range = B
  • Cuba Range = C
  • Java Range = J
  • Fiji Range = F
  • Sumatra Range = S

Silent Tilt Rods

Silent Tilt Rods or hidden tilt rods are becoming very popular with clients looking for a more minimalistic look to their shutters. By installing a silent tilt rod system the shutters can be operated at the touch of a louvre with no visible rod on any of the shutters. Simply touching one of the louvres will move the others in unison!

Available in: A, B, C, J, F, S

Offset Tilt Rods

Tilt rods are usually placed in the centre of your shutters, but offsetting allows us to place the louvre to the left or right of the shutter panel which not only changes the look, but can be more practical for shutters in certain positions or area of the home.

Available in: A, B, C, J, F,  S

Colour Matching

There are a wide range of colours as standard, but we can also match your shutters to any colour from the major paint brands and also using a sample that you are able to supply. Colour matching allows you to truly create shutters in a finish unique to your taste and as the perfect blend with your existing décor.

Available in: A, S

Paint Effects

Using different techniques we are able to finish your shutters in a whole range of different effects depending on your styling preferences. We can offer shutters in gloss, matt or standard finish. We can also create sand blasted effects, with all finishes sprayed by professionals six times for the perfect hard wearing finish.

Available in: F, S

Black Out Shutters

If you are looking for a complete blackout solution we are able to create shutters consisting of a blackout honeycomb blind inserted into the frame of the shutters. Perfect for bedrooms but also other rooms such as cinema rooms this is a stylish solution which offers maximum blackout whenever needed.

Available in: A, B, C, J, F, S

Anti – bacterial (Hygienilac) Coating.

This type of coating is mostly used within the commercial sector but is also great for care homes, nurseries, surgeries and hospitals. This coating is able to kill around 99.9% of bacteria in a 24 hour period. The Hygienilac anti-bacterial coating can even kill bacterias such as E.coli, Salmonella and MRSA.

Available in: A, B, C, J, F, S

Remote Control

We are pleased to be able to offer remote controlled shutters which you can operate through the touch of a button and set up automation. This is ideal for hard to reach shutters and Velux windows. Our shutters can even be fitted with small solar panels which are able to recharge the shutters without the need for hard wiring.

Available in: S