Shutter Materials

We have a range of different shutter materials that we use to create the perfect shutters for your property in Croydon. Using only the finest quality materials perfect for all our styles of shutters, we can come up with the perfect solution for any windows in the home.


Made using medium density fibreboard makes the idea robust shutter whilst still being affordable to most. These shutters are wrapped in a coating which is water resistant making them great for damp areas and parts of the house where they will come into contact with water. These come in a choice of 6 colours.


Created using LDF shutters and ABS louvres they are not only light weight but also waterproof. These shutters are then spray painted to look exactly as a hardwood shutter would look, leaving a fantastic finish at less cost compared to some of the other shutters in our range. They can also be painted in 28 colours of paint and 20 stains.


Manufactured using three hardwoods, these shutters make for really environmentally friendly shutters which are also very rigid, yet light. These can be bespoke made to fit many standard areas and window settings and comes with a choice of 6 white colours to be painted in.


These shutters are manufactured using a hardwood core and finished in a ABS plastic coating making them perfect for bathrooms and other areas where they come into contact with moisture. The Java range is great for homes and commercial properties and can be finished in 6 white colours. These shutters are also easily cleaned so great for children’s room or families with pets.


A hardwood shutter which is known for its natural water resistance aswell as great quality. These shutters can be made into many shapes and sizes for all windows and opening. Often used to make boats and rafts this wood is made up of a tight straight grain which looks perfect with a nice stain applied as the finish. These shutters can also be finished in a massive 26 standard colours including 11 paints and 15 stains.


A fantastic range of shutters, which are known for its strength and stability. Loved by joiners and wood carvers throughout the world these shutters can fit easily across wide expanses and areas. They look great with either a paint or stain finish and can be finished in 28 paints and 20 stains. These shutters can also be custom made to fit many different sized window and door openings.