Shutter Styles

We have different styles of shutters to suit all homes and properties in the Croydon area. Each complete with its own set of benefits and unique characteristics. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve and the levels of light and privacy you need, we can come up with the perfect solution for your windows. We have 6 main styles of shutters that we offer, although we can make completely bespoke styles for irregular fitments and openings.

Full Height

The full height shutters we offer are very popular and are a simple yet effective style of shutters. The full height shutters simply dress your windows from top to bottom and is great for privacy and letting in a set amount of light throughout the whole shutters. These shutters fully cover the windows or opening acting as great insulation and suitable are to most windows.

Tier on Tier

This style of shutters is very versatile and work in the same way that barn doors do. The top panels can be opened independently from the bottom which allows for privacy and light entry at different levels depending on what is required. This style is fantastic for bigger windows and suited to all living areas which you may need a mixture of light and privacy at different times of the day.

Café Style

This style of shutters often cover the bottom half or two thirds of your window which allows more privacy on the bottom level, great for homes in Croydon that have busy streets outside. These look fantastic with or without curtains and allow for maximum light in through the top while keeping it restricted lower down. These shutters are normally only considered for first floor rooms.


These solid style shutters are a traditional way to dress windows, going back to the original roots of shutters which offer complete blackout when closed with no adjustments through louvres. If you are looking for a traditional style then these are a fantastic option for your décor. We have these shutters in 2 different designs, both highly durable and great looking.


By working with our clients we are able to make unique shaped shutters for all rooms of the home no matter what shape or style the window or opening is. Bespoke designed to ensure that they work in in a way that is needed while still looking great at all times. There are many awkward style windows in homes that can only be fitted with shutters of this type where we completely tailor the finished shutters to your exact windows.

Track System

With these shutters we can offer large windows and door openings a great dressing that functions using one of our track systems. These can be used in arches and wide expanses like patio doors where there is a need for shutters that can slide rather than hang. These also allow for great access to the open area revealed behind them.