Shutters with Integrated Blinds

We are able to supply your new shutters with some integrated blinds as part of the build and installation. These blinds act as an extra layer between your shutter panels and windows while also creating extra style. These shutters are perfect for all rooms including ones where you are looking for extra blackout such as bedrooms and entertainment/cinema rooms. These integrated blinds are built into the frame of the shutters and are operated by a chord just as you would with standard blinds.

blinds1  blinds2

blinds3 blinds4

All our shutters come as standard with great insulation, but these blinds help add an extra layer and can achieve nearly complete blackout for your rooms. We have installed these for many clients who are looking for the ultimate window dressing, where privacy and blackout is required at certain times. The blinds can be pulled down using the chord when the shutters are opened allowing the shutters to be adjusted as usual. If you require just the shutters in view the blind can be discreetly raised back up and out of view hidden at the top.

We supply all our integrated blinds in a wide choice of colours shown below.