Tilt Rods

When it comes to your new shutters there are many different options to consider for the build and look. One of these important choices is the type of tilt rod that you wish to have on your louvres and panels. Although many are not aware that there are different tilt rod options available, we can help you decide on what will work best for you and the look you are trying to achieve. The type of tilt rod you pick can really change the look and feel of your shutters so getting it right is paramount. We have different options available which can be chosen based on your own personal preference.

Offset & Centred

offset centredWith a tilt rod placed on the shutters which allow you to easily adjust the louvres running down the shutter panels. When adjusting the tilt rod all louvres are adjusted at the same time so that you have complete control of the light and airflow entering the room. A tilt rod looks traditional on shutters and can be placed either in the centre or to the left or right!

An offset tilt rod allows the rod to be placed on the left or right depending on your preference. Not only does this change the look of the shutters, but can be strategically placed on a side which is in easy reach for you and your family. This is also a great option for special shaped shutters where the placement is more limited and needs to be placed on a certain side.

Our centred tilt rods are placed down the absolute middle of the shutter panel, allowing for adjustment in exactly the same way but in a standard position. This looks especially great on smaller windows as well as all other shutters. With this position the tilt rod becomes more of a focal point on the shutters and louvres.

Silent / Hidden

silentThis is a really popular option for our shutters, where the shutters are operated simply by touching one of the louvres. As with the visible tilt rods all louvres move at the same time but the tilt rod system is hidden within the shutters making for a more clean and minimalistic look. This looks great in newer modern houses with contemporary décor.

We create this tilt rod system by fitting hidden grooves within the shutter frame internally which moves the louvres in unison as you touch one louvre. This is an optional upgrade which can really transform the look of your shutters and works great with long runs of shutters where you don’t want many visible tilt rods on display.

We work with you to help decide on the best kind of tilt rod for your installation and look you are trying to achieve. With all our shutters created bespoke to order this is just one of the many options which you can pick to make your shutters truly unique!